A multi-millionaire by his twenties, Greg has built a group of successful businesses, growing them into an international success and award winning business.

“Nothing beats having a business so clearly predicated on people working to a shared goal”
Greg Secker, Raconteur

Master Trader

Owner of one of the largest global brands providing education in foreign exchange and stock market trading.

“You need to have a very risk-managed approach to each trade, you need to be disciplined and stick to your trading plan, and that plan has to be strategy driven.”
Greg Secker, CFOCEO


Philanthropy is everyone’s responsibility, and it can be found embedded in Greg’s international businesses. As founder of the Greg Secker Foundation he believes that philanthropy and commercial interests should coexist and is often referred to as the trader who build a village.

“The modern consumer wants to know the business they engage with has ethical practices and puts people before profit margins”
Greg Secker, SME

Int'l Speaker

An internationally recognized speaker, Greg is regularly invited to impart his expert opinion on the market and to speak around philanthropy and entrepreneurialism and is often on stage with people such as Tony Robbins and Shaa Wasmund.

“Greg sure knows how to put on an event” Shaa Wasmund