Master Trader

Greg Secker

Since its inception 12 years ago, over 200,000 people have learnt how to build their wealth either through earning a second income by trading or learning how to be a trader full time, with the various programmes and workshops, created by Learn to Trade CEO Greg Secker. Find out how learning to trade can benefit you at a number of FREE seminars running this week all across the UK, whilst hearing from a trading expert about the financial gains you could make with the right guidance and skill set.

Learn more about the teachings of Learn to Trade Founder Greg Secker at a two hour induction workshop:


Learn to Trade is one of the largest international brands providing education in Foreign Exchange (Forex), Commodities and Stock Market trading. Everyone has different aspirations, which is why Learn to Trade offer a tailor-made path of education and knowledge from a team of highly experienced professional traders. Greg and his team are dedicated to investing their time to coach and share with people their trading knowledge and experience. Learn to Trade continue to inspire, give confidence and invest time with people wanting to learn the technical concepts of trading with the sole aim of helping them become successful and profitable traders at whatever level they aspire to.

Learn from the Master Trader himself in his latest video series ‘Wealth Secrets of Serious Money Makers’, this ground breaking step-by-step success development manual has been hailed as a “revolution in wealth coaching".

Our team is driven by one common goal: to help as many people as possible unlock the door to their financial freedom and achieve the level of wealth that we know is possible through Forex trading. Greg Secker’s Learn Forex course will how you how to make consistent money from trading the Forex market and will let you discover how you can build unlimited wealth using Greg’s powerful Forex trading strategies. Over two days the Learn to Trade team will teach you how to identify hot Forex opportunities and produce an immediate weekly income using our trading strategies, minimise your risk to 1% of your account on any trade and establish a trading plan that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Greg Secker